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CES 2024: What we learned at this year's event

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The Consumer Electronic Show, CES, by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) was once again one of the world's most powerful and sort-after tech events this year, setting the tone for all things innovation in 2024. Packed with conferences, exhibits, and more, the world's most influential business leaders, industry advocates, and pioneering thinkers were all at the CES trade show to meet and hear from global innovators on the year’s breakthrough technologies and latest releases. From 3D printing to AI, marketing & advertising, and robotics, CES showcased the latest from myriad industries like manufacturers, developers, and suppliers of consumer technology hardware.

CES brings the industry together to discuss the most salient trends in the advertising and tech industry. The networking possibilities and quick interactions are valuable as it is a knowledge-sharing opportunity for business leaders. These conversations help leaders identify trends and analyze market positioning for the year ahead. 

We at Seedtag were thrilled to be at CES 2024! At our exclusive Rejuvenation Suite in the ARIA hotel, we discussed cookie deprecation, CTV advancements, and the reimagination of audiences through Seedtag’s Contextual Audiences. One of the biggest events for the advertising industry, this year was the biggest and most well-attended CES yet! 

What’s hot: Standout technological innovations from CES 2024

This year's themes largely revolved around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its future, next-gen television sets, and Augmented/Mixed reality (AR/VR). The specific use cases of AI have been discussed and leveraged over the past few years. But this year, AI was a central theme as presenters showcased deeper integration into various technologies and gadgets, changing the way humans interact with devices. 

The automotive sector also showcased advancements in tech and how they are being integrated into vehicles. Television sets have always been a highlight at CES and this year was no exception. From 8K displays to bigger and smarter TVs, there is a lot of innovation happening in the television space that was on showcase. 

What’s top of mind for consumers? 

Privacy has taken center stage as the world continues the conversation around consumer privacy. People have voiced their strong opinion about the need for data privacy and transparency on how their data is captured and utilized.

New data privacy protection laws and rising consumer demands are making way for a paradigm shift in marketing strategies as advertisers are mindful of the need for change in the way they collate and utilize user data. The new era of advertising demands marketers to strike the right balance between personalization and privacy while delivering a seamless user experience.

Another big shift has been the sheer volume of streaming platforms over the past few years. The global change in content consumption patterns has made way for the addition of a whole new ad-based tier to subscription platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. This shift has opened doors to a new channel of advertising for marketers as they rethink their strategies for the domain and make streaming a key aspect of their ad budgets. 

The future landscape of digital advertising

The innovations and topics of discussion at CES 2024 have brought key aspects of digital advertising to life by shining light on the need for transformation to keep up with new-age tech and evolving trends. Marketers need to re-evaluate their strategies to ensure they comply with data privacy laws and cater to the evolving demands of customers. Advertising strategies need to go beyond mere clicks or views and focus on curating a personalized, relevant, and seamless brand experience that amass genuine attention. 

As AI makes its way into various walks of life, right from audience categorization to ad creatives, content, and placement, it is revolutionizing the advertising space. Contextual AI is gaining significant popularity as marketers want to leverage AI to help them enhance their understanding of consumer interests and deliver ads on relevant websites that target relevant audiences without the use of cookies. 

Key takeaways from CES 2024

Here’s our SVP of East Coast Sales, Lora Feinman’s take on what you need to know from this year’s trade show:

  • It is the year of AI 

AI has the potential to help businesses save time and money by enhancing workflows. It impacts multiple areas of marketing and will continue to be a huge focal point for marketers. They will leverage AI to understand more about a brand’s competitive edge and how to improve the overall customer experience. 

  • The evolution of Digital and Streaming Media

CES 2024 highlighted the industry's transition from traditional to streaming platforms, with a specific focus on streaming services and digital media. Notably, free, ad-supported streaming services and ad-based tiers in subscription platforms like Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney+ signify a significant shift in content consumption trends. This shift indicates increased investment and opportunities in streaming, prompting a reconsideration of advertising strategies. he introduction of ad-supported tier options intensified the rivalry, with Netflix reporting an increase to 23 million monthly active global users. Disney made a strong impact with its in-person Tech & Data Showcase, emphasizing shoppable TV, data clean rooms, programmatic advertising, and advanced measurement techniques. Amazon strategically prioritized Prime Video over Freevee, announcing default ads for subscribers in the upcoming month.

  • All eyes on Data Privacy 

Ever since Google announced its plans to phase out all third-party cookies, brands have been extremely keen on exploring cookie-free strategies. Brands are concerned about user privacy and want to ensure they do not breach the trust of their consumers while marketers are preparing for a new way to conduct business-as-usual. They are very interested in exploring “alternative IDs” and leveraging first-party data to serve ads to consumers. 

The depreciation of cookies has augmented the need for interest-based targeting now more than ever. Marketers want to go beyond the obvious and find new targeting opportunities. The advertising world is excited about the possibilities AI unfolds like locating audiences in new environments or unearthing new audience segments that they never knew existed. 

  • Navigating the Horizon of Television Innovation

As an enduring highlight at CES, televisions continue to captivate audiences with their evolving features and capabilities. The trend of larger, more powerful, and smarter TVs persists, promising an enriched viewing and auditory adventure. This constant evolution not only elevates the home entertainment experience but also solidifies the pivotal role of television technology in the realms of consumer electronics and advertising. Unveiling cutting-edge screen technologies remains a focal point at CES, evident in the remarkable display advancements showcased across various devices, from expansive TVs to experimental bendable phones. Renowned manufacturers showcased their latest television sets, with a notable emphasis on the integration of advanced AI chips. 

These are the trending topics and points of discussion from CES 2024. However, these aren’t just fleeting topics of discussion or a mere trade show round-up. These topics are key indicators showing the world the direction in which industries are moving and how they are leveling up to meet consumer expectations. 

Interested to learn more about what we do at Seedtag? Explore our success stories here or drop us a line and we’ll get in touch with you. 

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