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Seedtag is ready to push the boundaries of CTV advertising with Beachfront acquisition

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In the dynamic world of advertising, innovation and strategic growth are essential to maintaining a competitive edge. Seedtag has made a bold move to conquer the CTV landscape by acquiring Beachfront, a premier sell-side ad platform built for Connected TV (CTV) with proprietary technology offering direct premium supply.

This acquisition comes as no surprise, as it aligns seamlessly with Seedtag’s recent launch of Contextual TV, a groundbreaking solution that harnesses AI-based network dynamics, rich insights, and bespoke creative strategies to elevate CTV advertising.

According to eMarketer, CTV ad spend is projected to exceed $30 billion in 2024, marking a 22.4% increase from 2023. This growth provides the ideal backdrop for Seedtag to advance its mission of delivering contextual advertising solutions and becoming the ultimate omnichannel partner for brands and publishers.

By integrating Beachfront’s cutting-edge technology and expertise in CTV advertising into our leading contextual solutions, powered by our contextual AI Liz, Seedtag is ready to deliver even more relevant and engaging campaigns to audiences as they enjoy their favorite content while connecting with the brands they love.

Revolutionizing CTV advertising - How we do it
  • Contextual Targeting + Premium CTV: Seedtag industry-leading contextual targeting paired with Beachfront's direct CTV inventory enables advertisers to reach highly relevant audiences with laser precision - a match made in heaven!
  • Expanded CTV inventory: Beachfront’s capabilities and technology provide a broader range of premium CTV placements, ensuring ads reach the right viewers at the right time across an extensive network of streaming platforms.
  • Privacy-first advertising that delivers: In the cookieless future, user privacy is paramount. Seedtag and Beachfront's combined expertise will unlock impactful advertising that puts user privacy regulations first.
  • Deeper audience Insights: A holistic view of target audiences, no crystal ball needed. This integration allows for more effective campaign planning and optimization across all screens where content is consumed. 

“With a decade of experience maximizing campaign effectiveness on the open web by leveraging contextual AI, Seedtag is now well-equipped to help brands, agencies and publishers navigate the challenges of CTV advertising,” said Jorge Poyatos, Co-CEO of Seedtag. “With the acquisition of Beachfront, we will further enrich our unique Contextual TV solution by incorporating a native platform into our stack, adding additional signals to our AI, and expanding our publisher partnerships. This move aligns perfectly with our mission to create the most effective advertising technology for a privacy first world, now also available on CTV.” 

The teams at Seedtag and Beachfront are already collaborating to ensure a smooth integration of their technologies, promising a seamless experience for their partners. This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone in Seedtag’s journey to build the future of contextual advertising through technology and deliver unmatched value to advertisers in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Chris Maccaro, CEO of Beachfront, shared his enthusiasm: “In recent years, the CTV advertising ecosystem has undergone significant growth and transformation. Beachfront has proudly served at the forefront of this industry-wide change, helping premium CTV media sellers drive monetization and deliver exceptional viewer experiences. With Seedtag’s unique solutions, global footprint, and scaled demand partnerships, we are excited to advance our services and creative value for our CTV publisher partners.”

Brian Danzis, President North America at Seedtag, added: “As we have done on the open web, Seedtag is committed to bringing unique, innovative solutions to contextualizing CTV programming. The acquisition of Beachfront will accelerate these efforts by combining access to direct premium supply with our proprietary approach to creating privacy-first audiences, optimizing creative and placements, and delivering insightful, action-oriented reporting and measurement.”

With privacy concerns on the rise and consumers demanding more relevant and engaging digital experiences, it’s crucial for brands to adapt their advertising strategies. Seedtag’s acquisition of Beachfront is a testament to its commitment to innovation and excellence, ensuring that advertisers can thrive in the privacy-first era while delivering exceptional results.

Are your ad campaigns keeping pace with these evolving trends? Discover how Seedtag’s enhanced contextual advertising solutions can help you stay ahead of the competition and connect with your audience like never before. Contact us today to learn more.

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