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Build your own Contextual Universe: Seedtag LAB, at the forefront of innovation

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Seedtag is leading the world of contextual advertising with its Artificial Intelligence platform that is enabling brands to effectively engage with their customers in today’s privacy-first world. As the only contextual Full Stack services provider, Seedtag is helping brands craft impactful messages into the most valuable content that resonates with their customers.

With the recent announcement of Series B funding of $40m, we are also living up to our promise of innovation and delivering unmatched contributions in the advertising space. At Seedtag we have just launched Seedtag LAB, a guided program that aims to help brands get the most out of contextual advertising.

What is Seedtag LAB?

As customers become more concerned about their data privacy, the need of the hour is to render ads that do not leverage third-party cookies. Our contextual advertising platform caters to this pressing need with LIZ©, the Artificial Intelligence Platform that brings together the powers of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning, to craft campaigns that rate high on customer engagement without infringing on their personal information.

With Seedtag LAB, the leaders in EMEA and LATAM are making a paradigm shift in the way brands advertise. The program designs bespoke strategies to help brands make the most out of contextual advertising and take their unique value propositions and messages to their customers. Focused on data-driven content, this program will empower brands to devise campaigns that truly connect with their audiences and stay ahead of competition.

What sets a Seedtag LAB campaign apart from regular campaigns?

The advertising universe is rapidly changing and brands are constantly looking for newer ways to engage with their audiences. Traditionally, brands have targeted their audience by segmenting them based on factors like age, gender, and purchasing power. What if they could break out of the ordinary and go beyond predefined territories?

Seedtag LAB is changing the way brands advertise. The LAB program leverages the data available at the service of brands, to help them better analyze user behaviour, their preferences and content consumption. Seedtag then leverages this data to create contextual segments specifically for the brands and deliver more effective ads that target the right audience.

Building a contextual universe

Seedtag is going beyond the ordinary with Seedtag LAB by aiming to not just make marketing more contextual but, truly build a partnership with brands that deliver value across the spectrum. Backed by a team of experts, brands will build and craft their own niche content universe specific to their brand, industry, and category.

Seedtag LAB has three main stages:

  • Pre-campaign – First, the contextual universe is created to identify trends, craft the content strategy, and contextualize creatives.
  • The campaign – Seedtag LAB renders ads in the most relevant places across Seedtag’s Publisher Network, optimizes the campaign for maximum results, and the program includes a mid-campaign learning session.
  • Post-campaign – Once the LAB is completed, a set of hyper-relevant data and metrics are delivered to analyze results ranging from consumer perception to unique contextual insights and competitor analysis.

With Seedtag LAB, brands can achieve higher ROI by creating ads that resonate with the real-time interest of their customers. Specifically designed to help brands with campaigns that are mindful of customer data privacy, Seedtag LAB is a huge leap for the advertising industry.

To know more about Seedtag LAB, visit our website!

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