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Games Wide Open: Insights from the Seedtag Olympic Games 2024 Report

Home Games Wide Open: Insights from the Seedtag Olympic Games 2024 Report

One of the most sought-after and viewed global sporting events, The Olympics, is back with its much-awaited 33rd edition this year. The quadrennial international multi-sport event is scheduled to take place from 26 July to 11 August 2024 in France. Paris will play host for the 2024 Summer Olympics, also known as Paris 2024. 

With the games right around the corner, what’s buzzing this time of the year? What piqued the interest of the masses and how’s the trend growing; Seedtag Lab has got you the inside scoop with the exclusive Seedtag Olympic Games 2024 Insights.

For this survey, we leveraged our AI contextual technology, Liz, and looked through our worldwide publisher network to unearth valuable contextual insights.

The top category comes as no surprise - With over +700K articles and impressions, sports articles are the main category of articles related to the Olympic games. Racquet sports ~175K impressions, soccer ~160K, basketball ~40K, and cycling ~30K are the subcategories that stand out with particularly high-interest volumes. 

Beyond sports, categories garnering interest include:

  • Events & Attractions with a focus on celebrities, actors, and movies.
  • Travel, particularly tourist destinations, and activities.
  • Environment with an emphasis on animals and their natural habitats.
These categories have 50K impressions and less than 70K articles. 
Who are the Olympic Games Audiences?

The Olympics is a massive advertising opportunity and brands are going all out to analyze areas of interest, audiences, and keywords. With the power of Liz and Seedtag Lab, we have arrived at Olympics game-based targeting strategies brands must leverage to get their money's worth.

  • The Gambler

With a whopping 13.8M monthly impressions, gamblers love to tune in and gamify their experience of the sport by becoming a part of the action. Fantasy Footballers and The Bet Takers are key groups. 

Keywords: Fantasy Football, Fantasy Premier League, online casino, Sportsbook, payout, and gambling. 

  • The Gamer and The Event Enjoyer

At 8.8M monthly impressions each, these are the next two groups. The gamers are interested in everything from the pitch to their controllers while the enjoyers are individuals who most likely live in and around the area of the event and enjoy the events of the Olympics. 

The gamer group includes EA Sports Gamers and All-Around Gamers while the enjoyers are Urban Explorers and Culinary Enthusiasts and Entertainment Enthusiasts.

Gamer keywords: FIFA 23, Ultimate Team, EA Sports, FIFA Ultimate, Far Cry, PS5, Pokemon, Minecraft, Wii, and Nintendo Switch.

Enjoyer keywords: Best bars, restaurants, must-see places, markets, cultural places, music, entertainment, events, pop culture, streaming, social networking. 

  • The Family-oriented Spectator 

This group garners 2.6M monthly impressions and includes key groups like Sports Enthusiasts and Family-Centric Gift Givers. These individuals enjoy family-friendly activities and events and are likely to watch the Olympics with their children, introducing them to different sports and cultures. 

Keywords: Olympic qualification, games qualification, participation, winners, children's pleasure, children's gifts, toys, games, creative leisure, and vacations.

How can you attract and engage with the audiences interested in the Olympic Games?

The interest phase during the Olympics can be categorized into three parts: pre-, during, and post-Olympics. You can capture attention and engage viewers with Seedtag’s enriched creative formats: 

  • Pre-Olympics: Leverage our engagement focus configurations to start conversations with your desired audience.
  • During the Olympics: Strengthen your positioning with creatives that update according to the time of day or the events lined up. 
  • Post-Olympics: Stand out and celebrate with the winners and key personalities on the Paris 2024 podiums.

With the exclusive configurations developed in the Seedtag studio combined with methodical positioning at the heart of the event, brands can create a memorable advertising campaign that strikes a chord with the desired audience, engages them, and delivers an impressive brand experience. 

Games wide open. Level up your ad game with Seedtag this Olympics season. ​​Capture 2.5x attention. 

Want to learn more about the top audience groups and keywords? Get your hands on our latest report!

Download now the Seedtag Olympic Games 2024 Insights!

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